Bascinet medieval knights helmet - helmets opened (h103)

Manufacturer: armorer
Net Price: €75.27 92.58

The exact replica of bascinet helmet. The oldest sources with this helmet derives from 1281 in Padua. Used commonly since 14th century. Presented model named great bascinet with rounded cap are dated to the 40s of the 15th century.


Internal Circumference: 74 cm
Total high: 30 cm
Weight: 2,1 kg

The cap is rounded, made of the highcarbon steel, completely covers a head. It has pointed chin and mobile face cover with visor and ventilating holes.


This model is a replica of harking back to the original. The helmet is fully functional.


high carbon steel (PRODUCT REQUIRES MAINTENANCE thin layer of greasing)

The helmet can be put on his head. Helmet opened.


Manufacturer: SPANISH DEPARTMENT armourers

internal circumference 74 cm

total height 30 cm

weight: 2.1 kg