Beautiful cowboy revolver caliber 45 (10202)

Manufacturer: HISZPANIA
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Masterly REPLICA WEAPONS for the discerning.




zinc alloy and aluminum material

Manufacturer: Spain

length 33 cm
Weight: 0.9 kg

This is not only realistic tin toy replica, which weight you feel in the hands (weight and dimensions of the modeled on the original).

  The rotating drum, a place for 6 rounds. Opened the lid of the drum (see the pictures). Under the barrel is mounted operating mechanism of discharge.

Our replica firearms are made of special alloys, which makes it impossible to adapt them to fire any kind of ammunition (our replicas are devoid of any characteristics of weapons within the meaning of the Act of weapons and ammunition). This is not a real weapon without firearm within the meaning of the Act of weapons and ammunition, where the process of withdrawing traits is very strictly regulated by law (special plants gunsmithing, etc.). Our replicas are not weapons or alterations and as replicas can be purchased without permits. Replica firearms in our store are only decorative.


Below are some interesting data:

American inventor Elish Collier in the early nineteenth century. Designed flintlock pistol, which was used only one pan. However, only the use of a primer and design solutions Colt gave the desired effect. Colt has developed a system in which the combined drum with chanterelle odpalającym drain mechanism, which eliminated the need to rotate the drum by hand. Colt revolvers were simple in design, reliable and carefully constructed. For 70 years the nineteenth century. Revolvers are single action guns - that you had to pull the tap which resulted in the drum rotation and setting up the chamber in front of the barrel. Then you had to do is press on the trigger and shot turned over. Double-action revolvers require more moving parts.

"Revolver - the first in the history of repeating firearms repeatable (non-automatic, short, very rare constructions are revolvers samopowtarzalnych), which feature non-removable magazine (magazine) meets a rotating drum with several chambers nabojowymi (usually six). Recent construction revolver use mechanisms for simultaneous rotation of the drum and the voltage tap by the pull of the trigger. the earliest revolvers revolution of the drum were made by hand. the first successful construction of the revolver by Colt allowed rotation and setting the drum in the proper position by pulling the tap. As a result of rotation of the drum about an axis parallel to the axis of the barrel, each chamber cartridges (cartridges) set successively on the extended center line of the barrel. After firing the primer of the cartridge using the valve, the projectile leaves the chamber in the drum, getting into the barrel and then going out with her.

Although revolvers are known since the seventeenth century, their development started in basically the invention of Samuel Colt, who in 1831. Developed the first percussion revolver. The most famous revolvers include the Colt, Smith & Wesson, Nagant "1.


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