Black Mamba katana Japanese Sword 9260 Spring Steel Clay Tempered Full Wrapped Same R1210

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This sword was formulated to be a trick cutter from the ground up. Perfect for use in cutting competitions. The Black Mamba is available in two versions, Standard and Pro. The Black Mamba Standard, made from through hardened 9260 steel for ultimate durability…and the Black Mamba Pro, made from differentially hardened T10 for the hardest and sharpest edge possible. The Black Mamba Pro is intended for advanced cutters. Being differentially hardened and thinner than usual, it is likely to take a set on a bad cut. Basically, if you still hit the stand a lot…the Pro is not for you. Get the Standard. The type of steel and heat treatment are the only differences between the Standard and the Pro. The Black Mambas blade is thinner and has much more distal taper than your average katana, starting at 6.5mm at the habaki and tapering to 3mm at the kissaki. It is a moroha zukuri blade geometry, measuring 26" overall with a sharpened rear edge extending 16.5" down the spine. The main edge has nearly no niku, allowing it to pass effortlessly through light targets….which this sword was designed for. Both the Standard and Pro version have the same mirror polished blade with an absolutely stunning hamon that wraps around the kissaki and down the back edge as well as the main edge. The tsuka of this sword is 13" long, has a FULL same wrapped core, and is covered in black leather ito with the rough side out. This is not only incredibly comfortable for long days of cutting, but it also provides outstanding grip with even the wettest, sweatiest hands. The long tsuka, combined with the thin blade geometry, lends to a POB that is 1.75" from the tsuba….making this a ridiculously quick moving and fast handling sword. It weighs 2lb 5oz, but feels nearly weightless in the hand. The fittings are snake themed and made of brass, but naturally…,painted black. The saya is made of hardwood and painted flat black to avoid the ugly fingerprints you get on glossy paint. It features real polished buffalo horn koiguchi, kojiri, and kurikata, and also has same wrapping at the mouth of the saya. This is to facilitate good grip, good looks, and also lends a bit of protection to the hand during draw cutting. If you are fed up with katana that feel like.

Overall Length: 103cm/40.6inch
Blade Length: 66cm/26.0inch

Handle Length: 33cm/13.0inch

Motohaba(width near habaki): 3.1-3.2cm

Sakihaba(width near kashira): 2.4-2.5cm

Sori(curve): 1.9cm

Kasane (thickness at habaki): 7-8mm

Blade Structure: 9260 Spring Steel,Clay Tempered

Saya Material: Hardwood+Buffalo Horn+Sayskin

Handle Material: Genuine Rayskin,Full Wrapped

Weight After Packing: 2.0 kg

The price of the set doesn't contain the box and the stand