Military bayonets

We would like to present you our highest-quality military bayonets that imitate the models from various historical periods and countries. Every replica is prepared with amazing precision, so as to perfectly reflect the brilliance of the originals. It is a wonderful attachment to a firearm copy, making it more realistic for a given epoch.

Bayonets were introduced in the seventeenth century, in a bung version at first. Their name refers to a French city called Bayonne, that was extremely famous for their production in the whole Europe. At the beginning, bayonets were installed inside the muzzle and they were used not only in battlefields, but also for hunting.

Military bayonets have started to be fought with when it was noticed that soldiers are barely defenceless in direct confrontations, as firearms needed much time to be reloaded. When they placed a blade on their gun, they were equipped with a weapon for grappling that resembled a spire. Nowadays, military bayonets are more like knives with wide blades and serve soldiers not only in battlefields.

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