Figures Veronese

Veronese figurines are admired worldwide, as they are really amazingly crafted. The producer takes care of every single detail and the final effect is breath-taking. In our shop, you can order, for example, little sculptures depicting famous people, such as the pope John Paul II, Martin Luther King or Julius Caesar. Steampunk collection is also definitely worth your attention as it has not only figurines, but also masks, caskets or mirrors made in this extraordinary style.

Apart from that, you can buy Veronese sculptures associated with various cultures. There are, for example, Native Americans, Bushmen, Vikings and ancient Egyptians. All of those figurines will amazingly decorate your interior.

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Budda thai sculpture - stone aea036 €3.51
Sculpture couple dolphins - stone ado006 €5.84
Sculpture woman with ashtray - stone ash009 €6.31
Caskets shoes pink - baptism - one year old - veronese (at09054aa) €11.45
Figurine angel with flowers - veronese (wu70727a4) €14.02
Sculpture delphin of high-stone ado002 €14.02
Sculpture of horses in galopy - stone aho008 €14.72
Horse sculpture on the stand - stone aho004 €20.80
Sensual nude nude woman kneeling veronese (wu75237a1) €25.47
Wizard's study trinket box with skull and candle veronese (wu75660a4) €29.68
Art nouveau mirror with lady veronese (an10321a4) €32.49
Sensual ballerina veronese (wu70319a4) €32.49
Locomotive - steam train veronese (wu72393a4) €34.82
Art deco lady with hand mirror clock veronese (an10508a4) €36.23
Peacock mask wall plaque veronese (wu74139vb) €38.56
Mask with turban wall plaque veronese (wu75130va) €39.03
Mask with turban wall plaque veronese (wu75130vc) €39.03
Baroque cherub clock veronese (wu75316a1) €40.20
Act - lying lovers veronese (wu76720a1) €43.00
Woman admiring chick dragon veronese (wu76985aa) €43.70
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