Shield replica

We present you great reproductions of shields of any kind. A shield is a type of personal armour, which was used to defend and intercept attacks. Shields were made of different materials such as wood, bark, wicker, leather or metal, and had different shapes and sizes. What is more, this type of protection has been used by warriors and hunters since the Bronze Age. However, after the introduction of first firearms the shields lost their main significance. Nowadays, shields are used during some special events, for instance, during combat demonstrations. Our shields are made with due diligence for the smallest details and it is a great idea for a

The structure of a given shield hugely depended on its aim. If it was made to provide protection from crossbow belts or spears, it was usually deep. Whereas those models which were supposed to intercept blade strikes had usually a thinner and lighter structure. The shape or size differed significantly in a given historical and cultural context. Shields could as big as to cover the whole body and as small as around 15 cm in diameter.

In our shop, you can find a shield replica from the ancient or medieval times mostly. For instance, we have Roman shields, based on those used by the cavalry or legionaries. What is more, you can order a unique replica of a shield from the 146 BC with the image of Carthage being invaded by Romans. Some of the products are copied directly from the particular artifacts which belonged to famous historical figures, such as Richard the Lionheart or Charles V Habsburg.

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