Survival kit

The store's assortment includes a wide range of various survival kits. The survival set backpack significantly facilitates survival in very difficult conditions. It is perfect not only for people who practice survival, but also for those who want to go for a long-awaited rest in the bosom of nature, far from civilization. In addition, this set is also ideal for bicycle or mountain trips and camping, where there may be a risk of various types of injuries and thus necessity of providing first aid.

Each survival set emergency kit is different as it comes with distinct accessories. The sets were composed so that the customer could find one matching his or her individual needs. The store's offer includes, among others, military survival kits, a survival shovel, emergency kits, kits for the whole family and kits dedicated to runners. All available equipment is packed in a waterproof backpack or an elegant black bag. In addition, each set includes a specially prepared manual with useful survival tips.

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