Templar swords

We are constantly extending our range of replica weapons, so now you can find in our store an outstanding reproduction of the Templar sword. The Order of the Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon was established in about 1118. At the beginning Templars were supposed to watch over the pilgrimages’ trails. Moreover, the Templars’ existence was tied closely to the Crusades. They were equipped with a sword, shield, lance, dagger and the Turkish sword. All of our swords are handmade of Toledan exceptional steel covered with chromium. This kind of steel is highly valued for a very high quality and durability. Templar swords offered in our store are not sharpened and the blade is not capable of being sharpened.

The heyday of the Knights Templar started when they gained enormous support at the synod in Troyes in 1129. Apart from the traditional religious vows, they also swore to defend the faith and to fight against the infidels. Their mostly recognized symbol was a red cross which they wore on their robes for instance. It stood for martyrdom, as for Templars it was the biggest honour to die in a battle defending Christianity and they were certain it assures a place in paradise.

The Templar sword originates from the blade style which was popular among the Vikings. Those weapons were endowed with parallel edges at nearly the whole blade length with a round point placed at the very end. Their blade shape made it possible to penetrate mail and leather armor in a battle. It is considered by numerous collectors to be the most glorious symbol of the Middle Ages. The replicas of templar swords are often used to organize the most breathtaking historical reenactments.

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