US Army Knives

If you want to feel like a real American soldier, we encourage you to buy our excellent US Army knives. They have been produced of highest-standard stainless steel and they appear in many shapes and colour variants. For example, some models are enriched with a grenade-shaped handle and have a hole inside the blade, making it possible to hang a weapon somewhere. The offered US Army knives are sold with pocket clips and sometimes have the medallion placed on a handle.

The US Army is one of the seven uniformed services of this country which constitutes the oldest and senior branch among them all. It stems from the Continental Army, created in 1775 and nowadays its main mission is to preserve peace and security, as well as to support the national policies.

The American army uses both individual and crew-served weapons. Each soldier is equipped with a rifle and a carbine, as well as handguns. They can also have grenades for attacking groups and anti-tank guided missiles. Apart from all that, they own the knives that can prove useful both in a battlefield and in some camp work.

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