US Marines Knives

We have prepared a wide range of US Marines knives for you to select from. These blades have been manufactured from the best available stainless steel and they have been made in numerous variants. All of them are sent together with a pocket clip or a Kydex or nylon sheath, but some have also a lanyard.

The shape of a knife, especially of the blade, can be very diverse, so you can choose a model that perfectly suits your preferences and expectations. For example, it can be folding or pointed, resembling the top of a spear. Some sets include also seat belt cutters or glass breakers. Apart from US Marines knives, we stock axes as well.

The United States Marine Corps is a part of United Stated Armed Forces. They provide American citizens with safety from the sea. They use amphibious warfare ships, but also nuclear-powered aircraft. They stem from Continental Marines that emerged in 1775 in Philadelphia. Interestingly enough, they nowadays make use of their own martial arts program that derives from many other styles, such as Taekwondo, Karate or Jujitsu. Deriving from Eskrima, they also use knives and batons or sticks.

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