Viking sword

In our store you can also find the Viking sword. Vikings were Scandinavian warriors, who during the late 8th to late 11th centuries undertook a lot of expeditions across wide areas of northern and central Europe not only with robberies but also with salesmanship and settlement. During battles they mainly used swords, spears or axes. However, the greatest of these weapons was the Viking sword, which was appreciated because of its destructive power. Our products are made with due diligence for the smallest details from the finest materials.

Apart from Europe, Vikings also managed to reach the Mediterranean littoral, North Africa, Central Asia and the Middle East in their characteristic longships. Their culture was non-literate, but they formulated their own alphabet which was used to write inscriptions on runestones found in Scandinavia nowadays. In 793, Vikings were mentioned in a text for the first time, when they invaded the English monastery placed on Lindisfarne island.

The early Middle Ages was the time when Vikings began to fight with swords. As the Viking sword was really powerful, it was highly appreciated and respected in its contemporary world. Apart from the battle use, it carried a status symbol meaning. It originated from the Roman spatha. No other weapon in its times presented a higher level of the carbon content and steel purity. The most famous Viking swords are endowed with the “Ulfbreht” inscription, which could be the name of the blacksmith who made them.

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