COMPLETE HISTORICAL Arming a Roman legionary

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The kit includes: Roman lorica armor, tunic under armor, Roman helmet with a comb-type galea, shield Roman scutum of the umbo, a belt decorated with tumors  and Roman sandals.

In addition to that we make wooden stand on the armor and helmet.

The exact specification of the elements included in the set:

1. ROMAN Lorica segmentata:
Material: high carbon steel from the inside protected from moisture with black paint. From the outside, it requires maintenance.
From the inside elements of combined thick riveted natural leather
Adjust the straps of leather
Universal size
Weight: 7 kg
The height from the bottom to the arm 54 cm
Circuit minimal (around the waist under the arms) 114 cm

Height: 99 CM
Width: 67 cm
Hand-painted wooden shield
The front glued to the canvas on which it is drawing
Around the dial on the front glued thin brass band
Umbo front brass self-assembly
On the back of the black wooden handle for gripping.
Weight: 5.8 kg

3. tunic to armor
Universal size
Red Colour
Material: cotton
Length from shoulder: 106 cm
Armpit width: 72 cm x2
The width at the bottom: 72 cm x2

Material: high carbon steel with top needs maintenance
Embellishments and brass inserts
From the inside frame made of genuine leather with adjustable
From the inside protected from moisture
Steel comb with red bristle attachment to the helmet 2 brass screws
Weight: 1.86 kg
Universal size
Circuit Max: 65 cm

5. ROMAN belt strip
Material: thick leather, cowhide in black
Decorative brass tumors
Overall length: 125 cm
Adjusting to 110 cm waist (there is room for additional holes)
Length of the lower strips of tumors from 27 cm to 36 cm
weight: 0.8 kg


Material: natural leather cowhide, tying the straps
Sole of 4 layers of very thick cowhide from the bottom in black studded with metal buttons on the flat but corrugated filler panel
Size: 11