Copy of sword wilfred ivanhoe with scabbard 4106/v

Manufacturer: armorer SPANISH
Net Price: €65.35 80.38

Blade: High Carbon Steel toledan, signed, both sides engraved motifs heraldic and  knights
Handle: zinc alloy and aluminum
Double head decorated with engraved plant ornament - centrally lion head on a blue background
The two sides are decorated with dragons heads facing the center - centrally shielded coat of arms with four images of lions against red and blue (alternating)
Leather eco-leather cover in blue
Scabbard: plastic wrapped with eco leather, stitched.
Zinc and aluminum alloy fittings at the end (shoe) and at the inlet (neck) are engraved in richly engraved heraldic and knight motifs.
The furnace (neck) with the inscription IVANHOE and the image of St. George fighting with the dragon.
Weight with Scabbard: 1.61 kg
Weight without Scabbard: 1.26 kg
Length without Scabbard: 100 cm
Length with Scabbard: 101.5 cm
Length of handles: 17,5 cm
Blade width: 3.9 cm
Thickness of blade: 3 mm