Dagger shashka cossack sabers with scabbard hk8721

Manufacturer: armorer
Net Price: €17.72 21.80

Dagger shashka Cossack Sabers with scabbard HK8721

The model is a copy based on historical patterns

Technical parameters:

Blade: stainless steel, engraved tsarist eagle, floral motifs and cavalry on horse - blade slightly sharpened

Handle: steel, corrugated lining and zinc and aluminum alloy

Plastic scabbard trimmed with eco leather, zinc alloy fittings and aluminum engraved, upper hardware with the tsarist eagle motif

Overall length in scabbard: about 48 cm
Overall length be scabbard: about 42 cm
Total blade length: approx. 31.5 cm
Overall length scabbard: about 37.5 cm
The width of the blade at the handle: about 1.9 cm
Thickness of the blade at the handle: approx. 2 mm
Scabbard weight: approx. 0.35 kg
Weight without scabbard: approx. 0.21 kg