Desert eagle black gun 1982 israel (1123)

Manufacturer: Denix
Net Price: €80.01 98.41


Manufacturer: Denix Spain (1123)


This is a popular pistol Desert Eagle of American-Israeli Co-Production designed in 1979-1982. Projected by American company Magnum Research and produced on licence by Israel Military Industries. Today sees very rarely. In service with Polish special operation force GROM, Israel Defensive Forces and Portuguese forces Grupo de Operaçoes Especiais.


Length: 27 cm
Weight: 1,6 kg

This weapon is most of all high firepower. Desert Eagle uses a gas-operated mechanism. When a round is fired, gases are ported out through a small hole in the barrel near the breech. These goes forward through a small tube under the barrel, to a cylinder near the front of the barrel. Bullet .357 Magnum in 9-round magazine has muzzle velocity 470 m/s. Maximal firing range is 200 metres. Large size, heavy weight and strong recoil made this weapon assignment to peoples with great strong. Moreover gun is very loud. Effective in an immediate, massive attack of highly specialized units.

Replica was made of zinc and aluminium alloy. Black coloured with removable magazine.