early 18th century highland basket-hilted sword ius-s-121

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Early 18th Century Highland Basket-hilted Sword

Many a brave Highlander who stormed across the fields of Culloden in 1746 to meet his destiny
carried this sword. This style is typical of the basket-hilted swords, with its flattened and
grooved detail, produced in the Glasgow Hammermen of Scotland. This design is first attributed
to John Simpson, a Freeman of the Glasgow Hammermen, in the 1690s. Another John Simpson,
popularized the design while serving as King's Armourer in the 1730s and 1740s. By the time of
the Jacobite Rebellions this sword was likely the most common style being used in the
Highlands. This hand-forged reproduction is simply magnificent.


Total length: 106,68 cm
Blade length: 81,28 cm
Weight with scabbard: 1.900 kg

The 31 1/2 inch tempered highcarbon steel blade is impressive with its wide, fullered, and well balanced construction (blade thickness: 7/32"). The 6 1/4" tall steel basket is blued, and lined with fine red wool. Historically this liner was sometimes removed. The grip is leather wrapped with copper wire. The scabbard is leather wrapped wood and with blued steel throat and chape pieces. This sword is perfect for anyone taking pride in their Scottish Heritage.