English pirates blunderbuss 1760. (1091/g)

Manufacturer: Denix
Net Price: €31.50 38.74



Price does not include box.



alumnium alloy of zinc and timber


Manufacturer: Denix Spain


length 31 cm

weight: 0.6 kg


This model is only an exact replica of the original.

Our replica firearms are made of special alloys, which makes it impossible to adapt them to fire any kind of ammunition (our replicas are devoid of any signs of weapons within the meaning of the law on firearms and ammunition). This is not a real gun deactivated within the meaning of the Act of weapons and ammunition, where the process of withdrawing traits is very strictly regulated by law (special plants gunsmith, etc.). Our replicas are not weapons or alterations and as a replica can be purchased without permits. Replica firearms in our store are only decorative items.