Exclusive helmet vikings ocular brass version k5

Manufacturer: armorer
Delivery time: 9-12 months
Net Price: €3,934.28 4,839.16

The model is made to order. The execution time is from 9 to 12 months from receiving the payment.

The premium model - collectable.

The model is made entirely by hand with high attention to all details and while maintaining full mapping of historical techniques.

Spectacle helmets were popular among Scandinavian people, the structure resembled Norman, with the difference that they had an eyepiece-shaped metal strip attached to the nosal and helmet rim, which provided additional facial protection when cutting from above, with no loss of visibility and ventilation quality. In some cases, the extension of the chain cap has been attached to the bottom edge of the eyepiece, which resulted in a properly closed head protection. Such a solution was popular especially in the East, the local peoples, together with Russia, took over such a type of helmets from Byzantine cataphracts.

Material: high carbon steel and brass

Construction: bell and steel ribbing (as in the original)

Outer cover: richly decorated brass tiles (so-called pressblicks)

Joining tiles using brass strips and combs finished on both sides with decorative animal heads and eyebrow casts.

From the inside the helmet is padded with linen quilted lining (fascia)

We set the helmet size after making the purchase.

Possibility to order a version with a chain headgear at extra cost.