french an xii vendemiaire general officer sword ius-s-159

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French AN XII Vendemiaire General Officer Sword

Item History and Description (IUS159) –

The regulations of the 1st Vendémiaire (Sept. 24, 1803) spelled out the guidelines for the AN XII
General Officer’s swords to be used by the command staff of the Napoleonic Grande Armée. In
spite of the regulations, these high ranking officers would invariably use their wealth and
influence to endow themselves with lavishly adorned swords with added and excess decoration
that would contort the regulations into meaninglessness.


Total length: 102,36 cm
Blade length: 83,82 cm
Weight with scabbard: 1.890 kg

This replica is of a sword that would likely have been worn at the hip of a division or brigade
general. It has an unsharpened blade of high carbon steel. The hilt is of brass adorned with the
symbols of status and Empire. The grip is of black-finished wood, etched with cross-hatching for
an improved grip. The scabbard is of darkened steel with brass fittings.