French napoleonic artillery officer's sword ius-s-170

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French Napoleonic Artillery Officer's Sword

Item History and Description (IUS-S-170) –

As a former artilleryman Napoleon understood that artillery was instrumental in winning the
day for him. It says everything when he is quoted as saying that ‘’God fights on the side with the
best artillery.’’
Napoleon professionalized the artillery train, dispensing with civilian drivers and attendants and
replacing them with professional, well-paid soldiers. He also selected lighter guns than those
used by other nations, preferring to have a manoeuvrable artillery corps over one that was
valued solely for the sheer weight of its shot. Speed was an essential factor in Napoleon’s
method of warfare, and much of his success hinged on getting his guns into optimal firing
positions, ready and able to relocate when necessary.
Napoleon would use his artillery batteries to focus on a weak points of the army of his foe, or
use massed fire to brazenly blast an opening through their line infantry that he could use to
exploit, driving his forces into the breach and entangling his opponents from multiple, chaotic
directions. In their confusion, bravery buckled under mass disorder and his opponent would be
forced to cede the day and his pride to Napoleon, who, at his best, could orchestrate a battle
like a maestro of the symphony orchestra.


Total length: 115,06 cm
Blade length: 93,98 cm
Weight with scabbard: 2.300 kg

This sword is a replica of a sword that would be used by an artillery officer of the Grande Armée
who may have pointed the tip of his sword at his foes from alongside his guns, directing gouts
of fire-belched iron into enemy ranks a field away. The sword has an unsharpened blade of high
carbon steel. The hilt is of brass and the guard features the crossed cannon and flaming mortar
bomb of the artillery. The grip is of leather inlaid with twisted brass wire. The scabbard is of
brass with integrated brass hanging rings. It is lined with wood.