Gangster tommy gun thompson m1928- al capone- (1092)

Manufacturer: Denix
Net Price: €170.33 209.51
Thompson M1928 submachine gun


Manufacturer: Denix Spain  (1092)


Presented weapon is a replica of American submachine gun Thompson M1928 produced by Auto-Ordnance company. Became infamous as a gangsters weapon in prohibition period in USA. Called “Tommy gun”. M1928 is a most common version of this weapon appeared often in American cinematography. Often associated with Al Capone. Used in World War II.


Length: 86,5 cm
Weight: 4,4 kg

Thompson M1928 has characteristic drum magazine in front of the trigger for 50 bullets .45 ACP (11.43 x 23 mm). Powerful weapon on a short distance. Effective firing range is 50 metres. Muzzle velocity 285 m/s.

Replica was made of zinc and aluminium alloy. The magazine is replaceable.