Great big medieval replica crossbow (w4f)

Manufacturer: ITALY
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The crossbows were the most popular shooting weapons in Poland from the end of the 12th century to the beginnigs of the 16th century. It has great role in Polish army. The crossbowmans served in the Infantry and the Cavalry. In infanty formations were protected by Pavisemans and Pikemans. From the description of 16 rottes from the 1471 year on the overall number 2282 armymens were 1808 shooters.


Length: 89 cm
Wide: 59 cm
Weight: 1,7 kg

The exact replica was made of wood and steel. The bolt has radius smaller than bow’s arrows. After the shot the bolt had rotate fly cause got the quilles. The initial energy was from 3,3 to 10 times stronger than bow’s arrow energy. The initial velovity was 150 m/s and maximal range gained 400 meters.





steel, wood


Manufacturer: ITALY