Great medieval replica crossbow (ag4f.01)

Manufacturer: HISZPANIA
Net Price: €77.95 95.88


The crossbows appeared in Poland at the end of the 12th century and became in the late Medieval the most popular and most wanted type of shooting weapon. Its cost in this time oscillated between 30 and 64 pennies and mostly costed 51 pennies. It required continuous maintenance. After introduced the gunpowder wepon into army equipment the role of crossbows gradually decreased. Its over in Poland is dated to 1522.


Length: 100 cm
Wide: 60 cm
Weight: 3 kg

Nice decorated crossbow is equipped with quarrel replica – the bolt. The crossbow has all original elements like the prod, the bowstring, the tiller, the nut and the trigger. The initial speed was 150 m/s.

This model is a replica of a historic, from which you can't give a shot into the far distance.





steel, wood


Manufacturer: Spain



This model is an exact replica of the historical pattern. You can not give it a shot into the far distance.