Greek helmet thracian type hoplite with comb trojan (agi6120.09)

Manufacturer: armorer SPANISH
Net Price: €141.04 €182.28 173.48
Hoplite's Phrygian type helmet




It is a hoplite’s helmet, Phrygian type with Trojan comb. These helmets, wore by great troops – hoplites, are also known as Thracian type. Originated from Classical Greece period, used also in Thracia, Dacia and whole Hellenic world until Roman Empire.


Circuit: 68 cm
Total high: 52 cm
Diameter: 20 cm x 25 cm
Weight: 1,8 kg

Phrygian type helmet with a wider cut at the jaw place. Black comb mounted on metal ridge of the helmet. Whole thing made of highcarbon steel.


Manufacturer: SPANISH DEPARTMENT armourers