High quality handmade kogarasu-maru style black folded steel japanese samurai sword katana r1149

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High Quality Handmade Kogarasu-Maru Style Black Folded Steel Japanese Samurai Sword Katana R1149

This sword is Kogarasu-maru style, the forward part of the blade is double edged, it’s also called “little crow” style. The blade is made of folded steel, 14 times folded forge makes the blade have over 16,000 layers and beautiful grains. The blade is specially treated to present mysterious black. The blade is full tang with hand engraved Mei(signature), it is fixed into tsuka(handle) by two Mekugis. The sword is equipped with hard wood saya, leather ito, silk sageo, iron tsuba and genuine same(rayskin) on tsuka. It is a very good choice for the following use: Iaito training, gifts, cutting practice and display. It is durable for middle class cutting, such as cutting tameshigiri and babmoos.

Overall Length: 103cm/40.6inch
Blade Length: 71cm/27.9inch

Handle Length: 27cm/10.6inch

Motohaba(width near habaki): 3.1-3.2cm

Sakihaba(width near yokote): 2.4-2.5cm

Sori(curve): 1.9cm

Kasane (thickness at habaki): 7-8mm

Blade Material: Folded Steel

Saya Material: Hard Wood

Handle Material: Genuine Ray Skin +Leather

Weight After Packing: 2.0 kg

The price of the set doesn't contain the box and the stand