Historic low crossbow knights' in xv century. (ag0f.01)

Manufacturer: ITALY
Net Price: €13.02 16.01


The miniature, decorative 15th century crossbow replica. In that time it was most popular shooting weapon between Polish armymen. In these times small crossbow cost 48 pennies.


Length: 35 cm
Wide: 21 cm
Weight: 0,2 kg

Replica was made of wood and also zinc and aluminum alloy. Deocorated with simple engravings on the prod. Its maximal range gained 400 metres. The shooting energy was even ten times stronger than shooting with bow. The initial speed was 150 m/s. The highest efficiency was in shooting at 75-90 meters, when quarrel gained maximum speed and could destroy steel knight’s armor.





Manufacturer: ITALY


length: 35 cm


width: 21 cm



weight: 0.2 kg


This model is an exact replica of the historical pattern. You can not give it a shot into the far distance.