Historical replica crossbow proved the xvth century. with belt (ag3f.01)

Manufacturer: ITALY
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The crossbow called in Latin balista in Poland has various names: self-shot or shotgun and was the most popular shooting weapon in 15th century. The prod of the late medieval crossbow had related construction to composite bow. It was made of pieces of wood, bone, baleens, leather and animal tendons. Often the crossbows were covered with birch bark, varnish or paint.


Length: 78 cm
Wide: 53 cm
Weight: 1,5 kg

The replica was made of wood and steel. It is equipped with quarrel replica – the bolt. Its maximal range gained 400 metres. The shooting energy was even ten times stronger than shooting with bow. The initial speed was 150 m/s. The highest efficiency was in shooting at 75-90 meters, when quarrel gained maximum speed and could destroy steel armor.





steel, wood


Manufacturer: ITALY