Katana samurai sword steel layered damascus, dragon r1001

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Wonderful katana of Damascus steel. Double-hand swords were inherent part of samurai weaponry in feudal Japan. Used in many Far Eastern martial arts as Iaijutsu, battōjutsu, iaidō, kenjutsu, Shinkendo, kendo, Aikido, Ninjutsu.




Total length: 103 cm / 40.6 inch
Blade's length: 73 cm / 28.7 inch
Hilt length (tsuka): 27 cm / 10.6 inch
Weight: 2 kg


This katana was made in small, Japanese smith with only the basic, traditional armour techniques and original materials its creates. The hilt is made of two pieces of Japanese Magnolia glued by rise glue and covers by rayskin. It has ring named fuchi at the hilt side of the guard tsuba. Habaki and fuchi were made both of the shakudo – copper and gold alloy. Tsuba, the circular guard made of iron. Curved blade of a Damascus steel by Japanese smiths with techniques inherit from their ancestors.


The set includes saya sheath covered by lacquer and black pattern of Japanese genesis. It has white threads sageo to tie on the left side.

The price of the set doesn't contain the box and the stand