Katana samurai sword steel layered damascus, r702

Net Price: €211.60 260.27

Amazing katana of Damascus steel. Katanas were inherent part of samurai weaponry in feudal Japan. Used in many Far Eastern martial arts as Iaijutsu, battōjutsu, iaidō, kenjutsu, Shinkendo, kendo, Aikido, Ninjutsu.




Total length: 103 cm / 40.6 inch
Blade's length: 73 cm / 28.7 inch
Hilt length (tsuka): 27 cm / 10.6 inch
Weight: 2 kg


The blade is curved through process of welding and cooling, comprises of two parts separately tempered – harder cutting-edge part and more elastic spine part. The circular guard was made of alloy of many metals. The hilt has wooden grip cover by rayskin and wrapped by cotton thread in blue color. Tsuba in form of four-leaf plant with pattern inside.


The set include tasteful sheath of hard wood. Correctly wearing at the left hip with the tsuka in front.

The price of the set doesn't contain the box and the stand