Katana samurai sword with scabbard 5km49-405

Manufacturer: armorer SPANISH
Net Price: €26.60 32.72

KATANA samurai sword with scabbard 5KM49-405



Manufacturer: TOLEDO (5KM49-405)

WARNING signed by the armourers of Toledo


WARNING: CARBON STEEL polished (maintenance required)
Light sharpened

Half of the blades chemically dyed black

The scabbard / SAYA: Hard wood - painted cotton wrap
Tsuba with animal motifs
Handle: wood, cotton wrap underneath imitation leather skates


The length of in its scabbard 103.5 cm

The length of sheath: 75 cm

Blade length: 68 cm
Hilt length: 29 cm

The thickness of the blade of the handle: 3.5 mm

Blade width: 2.5 cm

Weight with scabbard: 0.88 kg

Weight Blade: 0.68 kg
Weight sheath: 0.20 kg