Kernunnos, celtic god, pendant mjw105

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KERNUNNOS, Celtic God, pendant MJW105

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Cernunnos - a name that is customarily used to describe images of a horned god in Celtic mythology.

This name appears in this word only once, on the so-called The Carrier Column, from the first century BC, but the images of a man with horns or deer antlers, often sitting cross-legged and surrounded by animals, and holding or carrying torques, are known from many other sources. These include on a pot from Gundestrup (Denmark) or on a bas-relief found in the village of Vendœuvres in the French department of Indre.

There is no information about this god in written sources, and the details of his worship or meaning in the Celts religion are unknown.


Material: silver 925,
Size: 2.5 x 4 cm
Weight: about 8.5 g