Mega survival set backpack running bag 15w1 zs-8

Manufacturer: ISLAND OF JAVA
Net Price: €24.41 30.02

Survival set backpack

This survival set backpack was created so that everyone can use it according to their personal needs. It is perfect for rock climbing, hiking, cross-country running, mountain climbing and recreational traveling. It contains the most needed equipment that will help to survive even in quite extreme conditions. Thanks to its structure and size, the survival set backpack is extremely comfortable to use. Below you can find detailed information about the equipment of the backpack.

Product specifications:

  • Color: black as on main picture

    It's universality makes the backpack perfect not only for trips but also for everyday use.

Survival set contains:

  1. Compass
  2. Long firestarter
  3. Tinder firing up flask with measuring cup and bottle opener
  4. Tactical pen (TO WRITE OR SELF-PROTECTED)
  5. 1x Bracelet with paracord (includes compass, firestarter and alarm whistle)
  6. 1X Paracord bracelet with watch:
    • Strong paracord rope after unwinding about 3 m (lifting capacity up to 250 kg).
    • Signal whistle,
    • Flint,
    • Compass,
    • A small glass breaker,
    • Knife with locking mechanism (rotatable compass),
    • Electronic waterproof watch
    • The bracelet is available in one size, the length after fastening on the wrist is about 18 cm
    • The total length of the bracelet: 25-26 cm
    • Length of the rope after unraveling: about 300 cm
  7. Alarm whistle
  8. LED torch (does not contain finger batteries)
  9. Multifunction tool:
    • pliers,
    • a flashlight,
    • branch ball,
    • a bottle opener,
    • cross screwdriver,
    • penknife,
    • case.
  10. Large folding blade knife
  11. Multi-functional multitool survival card. Can be used as:
    • Can opener,
    • cutting edge (knife),
    • screwdriver,
    • ruler,
    • a bottle opener,
    • screw wrench 6mm, 7mm, 8mm, 10mm,
    • butterfly screw wrench,
    • saw,
    • protractor,
    • wrench for smaller 4mm, 5mm screws,
    • has hole for attaching a leash or wheel with keys,
    • black case included.
  12. Thermal blanket
  13. Water bottle clip
  14. Wire saw
  15. Waterproof backpack - black - handy and roomy