Napoleonic carabiniers sabre

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Napoleonic Carabiniers Sabre

The Carabiniers-à-Cheval were among the foremost cavalry units in Napoleon’s Grande Armée.
Although there were only two regiments of Carabinieri, they served with distinction in many of
Napoleon’s campaigns. They were composed of tall, hand-picked veterans and the Carabinieri
unit was expected to serve the function of the more numerous and lesser ranking Cuirassier
armored cavalry - to break infantry units asunder in a stampede of steel and to repulse any
enemy cavalry. Their record was nigh-impeccable until they were broken in brutal fighting in
the Battle of Borodino during the fateful Russian campaign. They withstood numerous charges
and heavy fighting from Russian dragoons and hussars, weakened they met their match with
Russian Cuirassiers who forced them to withdraw. With the loss of so many men and their
specialty black horses the unit was never the same and had a chequered record until redeeming
themselves with their conduct at Waterloo.
The Carabinieri name derives from their origin as light-armed mounted carbine troops. By
Napoleon’s time they had evolved into heavy cavalry and were part of the French military until
being disbanded in 1871 after the fall of the Second French Empire. Until 1809 the Carabiniers
were outfitted akin to the Mounted Imperial Guard Grenadiers; long blue coats with tall
bearskin hats. The Carabiniers were initially un armoured, but after a hard-fought combat with
Austrian lance-armed Uhlans in 1809 that left too many Carabiniers dead and wounded,
Napoleon ordered them to be equipped with armour. The armour was similar to that already
worn by the Cuirassier - a heavy breast and backplate with helmet. The proud Carabiniers
however, refused to be adorned in steel-only armour that would make them look like the
‘’inferior’’ Cuirassiers. In appeasement, the steel armour of the Carabiniers was sheathed in
bronze, giving them the appearance of classical heroes on the battlefield. Equipped as thus and
mounted on select black warhorses, the Carabiniers were one of the most striking and
intimidating mounted cavalrymen of the day.


Total length: 114,30 cm
Blade length: 97,79 cm
Weight with scabbard: 1.900 kg

This Carabinier straight sabre has a blade of unsharpened, tempered high carbon steel. It is
engraved with ‘’Carabiniers Dela Republique Francoise’’ on both sides. The hilts of the sword
were cast in bronze to match the heroically-inspired armour of the man who wielded it and the
grip is of hardened black leather with inlaid bronze wire. The grip has an integrated leather
loop. The scabbard is of black leather with brass accents.