napoleonic mameluke saber ius-s-128

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 Napoleonic Mameluke Saber

Item History and Description (IUS-S-128) -

When Napoleon invaded Egypt, he was faced by the Mamelukes - fabulous horsemen dressed
in wild colours and fluttering sashes who possessed the fighting spirit and bravery of an older
age. Originally formed as an elite warrior class by Islamic Caliphs, the Mamelukes were Christian
Europeans purchased as slaves at a young age - they were converted to Islam and their life was
given to martial training. In time the Mamelukes took control for themselves and Egypt was
theirs for centuries before Napoleon.
The Mamelukes fought the British in the Peninsular War and fought with distinction at the
Battle of Austerlitz. After Napoleon’s fall, the Mamelukes were systematically murdered by
French Royalists who remembered their proximity and favoured status to the fallen Emperor.
When in Napoleon’s service, the Mamelukes carried a brace of pistols, a dagger and the
famously curved Mameluke sabre. Their sabres were vicious slashing weapons, their slicing
power accentuated by the steep curve, their tips could also be used as surprisingly effective
thrusting weapons, able to stab at angles difficult for the unaccustomed opponent to
anticipate. It was a superb design for the fast-charging cavalryman.

This Napoleonic Mameluke sword has an unsharpened blade of tempered high carbon steel.
The spine is etched with the signature of Klingenthal, the state-run sword manufactory of
Napoleonic France - they would have manufactured these Mameluke sabre blades to specially
outfit Napoleon’s most colourfully exotic troops. Many French Officer's also carried Mameluke
sabres, as all things Egyptian were in vogue after Napoleon's Egyptian adventure.


Total length: 104,14 cm
Blade length: 84,58 cm
Weight with scabbard: 1.530 kg

The guard is made of brass and the grip is of wood sandwiched between the tang and brass mid-section.
Brass pins hold the tang in place. The wood-core scabbard is tightly covered in black leather
with overlaid brass accents and brass hanging rings.