Polish officer saber wz1921 with a scabbard honor and fatherland g.borowski - demountable

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Polish officer saber wz1921 with a scabbard Honor and Fatherland G.Borowski - demountable

A copy based on historical models presented in the book by Paweł Komorowski: "Saber will not miss us ... White soldier's weapon of the eighteenth-twentieth century" Publishing House Kulawiak, Sylva-Opus Paweł Komorowski
WARNING. Decorative model
The model has a blunt blade.

KLINGA: HIGH CARBON STEEL 1045 (requires maintenance)
Sheath: steel, chromed

A closed handle in a brass frame. Cross-bow with a mustache. The rear shoulder with the tip in the form of a flattened tear. Head covered with a round cap and tilted forward. The cap goes into the braid and reaches for the handguard. The shaft of the handle is made of wood with cross-banding covered with natural leather - in 9 flaps double twisted brass wire (filigree). Attaching the handle to a brass screw. Fully removable handle.

A blade with a low curvature of polished steel, polished on both sides with single ribs. On the outside of the plant decoration, the inscription Honor i Ojczyzna and a stylized eagle in the crown. The other side of the blade is smooth with a signature.

At the base, the signature: G.Borowski / Warszawa


Total length with the scabbard: about 97.5 cm

The length of the scabbard: about 84.5 cm

The length of the blade without the sheath: about 80.5 cm

Overall length of the saber without the scabbard: about 93 cm

The length of the handle: about 12.5 cm

Thickness of the blade at the handle: 4 mm

Width of the blade at the handle: 3.4 cm
Blade weight: approx. 0.8 kg

Weight with sheath: 1.53 kg

scabbard weight: about 0.72 kg