Polish replica saber wz 1934 ludwikowka with scabbard on the decorative board

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 Polish REPLICA saber WZ 1934 Ludwikowka with scabbard on the decorative board


Manufacturer: SPANISH DEPARTMENT armourers


The presented sabre is an exact replica of Polish cavalry sabre patterned wz. 34. designed in 1934 by Technical Institute of Armaments in Warsaw. These types of sabres were produced by the steelworks “Huta Ludwików” in Kielce between 1936 – 1939. There were delivered four identical series of 9999 pieces each of this type of sabre.


Length: 98 cm
Weight: 1,8 kg

The hilt is completely closed. The grip was made of beech wood, notched on both sides, united with two screws and covered by brass hood. The cross-guard is also brass, with short and wide moustache.
The blade is slightly curved, decorate with polish eagle with crown and engraved inscription “FOR COMMANDER IN CHIEF” on the forte and foible were floral motifs.  Second side of the blade has still smooth surface. The blade is topped with double-edged feather. This type of sabre, in the interwar period had under the moustache mark sign “H. LUDWIKÓW KIELCE” and pattern name “S. wz. 34.”.
This weapon had to undergo a series of rigorous stress-tests:

- when dropped free from the height of 2 meters it was to pierce a steel sheet 2 millimetres thick
- survive a powerful blows into a hardwood stub with the flat and the spine
- the blade pressed against a hardwood stub was to bend 150 millimetres to either side without breaking or deforming
- cut five 5 millimetres steel bars without damaging the edge
- the scabbard had to survived 120 kg pressure

The scabbard was made of chrome steel.

The set includes tasteful, wooden board.

Board length: 110 cm
Board high: 30 cm
Board weight: 2,6 kg