Polish sabre wz 1934 -without scabbard

Manufacturer: armorer
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POLISH SABRE wz 1934 -without scabbard


Manufacturer: SPANISH DEPARTMENT armourers



Presented sabre is a replica of the last one Polish cavalry sabre wz. 1934. Intense work with the project started in 1928 under the command of Polish colonel Zbigniew Brochowicz-Lewinski. This sabre has great esteem of Polish weapon collectors and history amateurs. Officers were obligated to carry a sabre during the official stands, galas and social meetings. Produced by “Huta Ludwikow” in Kielce.


Length: 95 cm
Weight: 1,1 kg

The handle with the grip was made of beech wood, notched and fastened by two metal screws and strengthened by brass ring in a joint between blade and grip. The cross-guard is brass with back arm finished with sling eye.  The hoop is connected with the pommel.  The hood also made of brass. Double-edged feather 21 cm long. On blade surface engraved “FOR THE COMMANDER IN CHIEF”. This sabre could pierce 2 mm steel sheet by sabre dropped free from the height of 2 metres.

The blade was made of finest Toledo’s steel.