Polish sabre wz 1976 with sacabbard smooth

Manufacturer: armorer
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   Manufacturer: SPANISH DEPARTMENT armourers



The presented sabre is an exact replica of Polish cavalry sabre wz. 1976. The project of this sabre was initiated by Polish Army Museum in Warsaw in 1975. On the design worked group of specialists on the military history field. This model connected the best features of Polish Hussar sabre and wz. 34. Produced in Lodz’s factory “Wifama”.


Length: 98 cm
Weight: 1,8 kg

The hilt is fully closed, casing by brass cross-guard and spacious, brass hood. The moustache are short. The hilt covered by black leather and tangled around by golden thread. The blade mounted to the grip with the cap on the pommel. The pommel moved forwardly. The decorative tassel is bounded to the handle. On the original sabres the serial number and firm sign “Wifama” was on the blade surface, under the moustache.
The blade is slightly curved with the fuller extended from the forte to the foible. Both sides of the blade are smooth and able to engraving.

The set include scabbard made of finest chrome steel has two ferrules and two rings.