Replica polish sabre 1921 officers smooth version without scabbard

Manufacturer: armorer
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REPLICA POLISH SABRE 1921 Officers  smooth VERSION WITHOUT scabbard



Manufacturer: DEPARTMENT armourers


The presented sabre is an exact Polish officer’s sabre replica. Sabres of this type were made in Germany and Poland (Borowski and Jarnuszkiewcz factories). There were the firsts Polish sabres after gained independence in 1918.


Length: 90 cm
Weight: 1,3 kg

The blade of this sabre is circularly curved and has fuller from the forte to 2/3 of its length. The brass cross-guard has fully closed hoop. The back arm of the cross-guard has teardrop form. The grip made of wood covered by black leather. The pommel and the back side of the grip are covered by brass hood.