Russian shashka dragoon saber ius-s-123

Manufacturer: armorer
Net Price: €125.14 153.92


Most armies, leading up to and during WWII discarded cavalry for tanks. The Russians however kept an effective fighting force of cavalry regiments on the front lines in WWII. The usefulness of a fast-striking force across the vast steppes of Russia that did not require precious gasoline was not to be overlooked. This military production sword is of the Shasqua form – popularized by the Eurasian sabers of the legendary Cossacks. This type of sword was adopted by the Russian cavalry dragoons in 1882 and its design saw use through WWII.




NOTE MODEL forged, hardened by HAND. Perfectly balanced FOR fencing
SABRE IS NOT sharpened but it suited SHARPENING

Overall Length: 100cm
Sheath length: 86 cm
Hilt length: 14 cm
Blade length: 82.5 cm
The width of the blade of the handle 3 cm
The thickness of the blade of the handle: 0.5 cm

Weight with scabbard: 1.35 kg
Weight without scabbard: 0.86 kg

Blade: High Carbon Steel: 1060, polished (maintenance-free) on both sides smooth
Handle: Molded wood notched rest rich brass engraving
Scabbard: timber frame, natural leather, brass fittings with space for bayonet

This replica reproduced Red Army markings that would have been seen on production blades. The stamping features the Hammer and Sickle of the CCCP with a 1934 production date. Soviet state symbols are featured on the pommel and the sword is adorned with additional Cyrillic marking throughout.

The blade is of tempered carbon steel with a deep fuller. The hilt and scabbard accents are of brass and the grip is of painted carved wood. The scabbard is wood-core covered in black leather.