Sabre hussar honor god country in tablo

Manufacturer: armorer
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Manufacturer: armorer

This model is an exact replica of the hussar saber. It is the sword used by hussars and other formations of the Polish cavalry in the seventeenth and eighteenth-century Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. Its prototype was Batorówka, common in Poland, in the XVI century.

Technical data:

Length: 92 cm
Weight: 1.2 kg

Polish hussar saber combined the best features of saber Western and Eastern Europe. Handle quite heavy, half-closed trigger guard. Her weight gives better control over the sword. Expanded hilt protects the hand and ensures a longer life saber by strengthening its grip at the junction with the hilt. Located along the middle finger, the thumb protects and enables the rapid withdrawal of weapons after the failed attack.
The distinctive, slightly curved, long blade was so exhausted. pen - the blade on both sides.
On one side of the blade is engraved inscription: "HONOR GOD COUNTRY". The second side edge is smooth but adapted for engraving.

It made of high quality steel and brass Toledan.

The kit includes wooden tablo.




Material: plywood

length: 100 cm
height: 18 cm

WEIGHT: 1.6 kg

A set of brass handles in the set.

Tablo gives you the opportunity to hang a sword horizontally or vertically.