Sabre poland cavalry wz.1917 the on board

Manufacturer: armorer
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Polish cavalry sabre replica wz.1917 on decorative board


Manufacturer: SPANISH DEPARTMENT armourers


The presented sabre is an exact replica of Polish cavalry sabre with pattern wz. 1917. It became Polish Army armaments in November 1918 as a regulation sabres. Sabres of this type served Polish cavalry during the winning Polish-Soviet war (1919-1921). Their production set to work by Warsaw works (Morawski, Bieńkowski, Borowski) and German works (Carl Eickhorn Solingen).


Length: 90 cm
Weight: 1,2 kg

This specimen has characteristic, fully closed, triple-hoop handle. The hoops bend in “S” shape and connected to each other on the half of hilt length. The back arm of the cross-guard is finished by teardrop form turn downwards. The grip was made of wood and covered by black leather and tangled around by golden thread. The back side of the hilt covered by decorative hood. On the pommel is the nut fastened the blade to the hilt. The cross-guard and the hood was made of brass. Additionally to the handle was bound decorative tassel. 
The blade is curved circularly , has a fuller from the forte to the foible and ornaments on the form of engraved floral motifs, Polish, white eagle with crown and inscription “HONOUR AND HOMELAND”. Second side of the blade is still smooth, able to engraving.

The blade was made of high carbon steel from Toledo.

The set include wooden board.




Material: plywood

length: 100 cm
height: 18 cm

WEIGHT: 1.6 kg

A set of brass handles in the set.

Tablo gives you the possibility hang a sword horizontally or vertically.