Sabre poland nobility karabela with sheath seventeenth century

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The Polish nobles sabre Karabela

The Karabela is legendary sabre, the synonym of Polish aristocracy. Strongly connected with Sarmatian culture, created in baroque Poland. Its name was invented by Czeslaw Biernacki, who considered Iraq city Kerbela as origin of it, which city was famous for light sabres production. In real they came to Poland from Turkish-Armenian culture circle. Very richly decorated, ideal compose with splendour of Polish nobles in these times.


Length: 99 cm
Blade length: 80 cm
Cross-guard length: 13,5 cm
Weight: 1,7 kg

The characteristic, wooden grip with eagles head pommel is strengthened by rivets. The cross-guard without hoop, made of brass and decorated with eastern style with eagle in the middle and Mother’s of God picture.
The blade is strongly curved, without engraving.
Original, richly decorated scabbard with four brass fittings and two lockets. The core is wooden, covered by natural, brown leather.