Samurai sword katana steel black layered damascus, hand kuta, r345

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Katana made in traditional, Japanese technique. The Japanese cared much attention to hand-made their swords. Produced mass scale during the World War II, called showato from regal name of the emperor Hirohito, in modern times are confiscated and destroyed by government and considered as non-true Japanese weapon.





Total length: 103 cm / 40.6 inch
Blade's length: 73 cm / 28.7 inch
Hilt length (tsuka): 27 cm / 10.6 inch
Weight: 2 kg


The blade was made of black Damascus steel. Composed of two separately tempered parts, in accordance with Japanese tradition. Steel Tsuba has engraved lions and washer. The hilt covered by rayskin and cotton Tsuka-ito. Tsuba has two gold lions ornamentation.


The scabbard is laquerware. It has threads sageo to mounting by the hip to the belt.

The price of the set doesn't contain the box and the stand