Scottish highlander officer's sword

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Scottish Highlander Officer's Sword

Item History and Description (IUS122) –

In 1828 the British Army standardized the traditional Scottish Basket-Hilt sword for the
Highlander Regiments. These standardized swords were issued to NCO’s. Wealthier Officers
were largely expected to purchase their own blades.
The British Army established the Highlander Regiments after the catastrophic Scottish defeat of
Culloden in 1746. Though the Jacobites and their Bonnie Prince Charlie were defeated, the
British knew that resentment and Scottish nationalism would continue to simmer. The British
Highlander regiments were initially established from Scots loyal to The Crown to keep the
peace. In time they would be called upon to serve in the British line of battle in the North
American theatre of the Seven Years War and in the colonization of India. They also served in
the Peninsular Campaign and at Waterloo.


Total length: 101,60 cm
Blade length: 81,28 cm
Weight with scabbard: 2.00 kg

This recreated Highlander Regimental sword has a blade of unsharpened, tempered steel.The
blade bears decorative motifs common to British blades at the time, in particular the emblem
of the British Crown and the inset six-pointed star. This star common to British and American
blades of the time is a proof of quality mark, and was meant to associate the blade with the
middle east and the reputed quality of swords from that region. A close look into the inset part
of the star bears the word ‘’Proven’’.
The basket hilt is of steel bars and is lined with stiff red velvet and adorned with blue ribbons.
The grip is wrapped with black leather and overlaid with twisted steel wire. The scabbard is of
steel and has two integrated steel hanging rings.