Sling, tassel wz.1917 officer and to swords wz1917 wz1921 gold

Manufacturer: armorer
Net Price: €28.39 34.92

A copy of the model marked as wz.1917, which was used for officer saber wz.1917 and wz.1921

The length of the loop: about 39 cm

Loop width: about 2 cm

Weed length (FOOD): about 7.5 cm

Weight: 0.062 kg

Bojarka loop made of two magenta stripes of a width of 1 mm. Two Polish eagles on crimson shields were embroidered with gold thread on both sides of the cast. The cover was wrapped with a golden boy. Oval-shaped weed has a red stem and has been closed at the bottom. Laced with gold tassels Boyarka.

The price does not apply to sabers presented in the pictures.