SZTYLET JAPANESE TANTO with scabbard 4KM44-215BK

Manufacturer: armorer
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Net Price: €18.78 €30.10 €23.10

Producer: TOLEDO (4KM44-215BK)

BLADE signed



WARNING: Polished CARBON STEEL (requires maintenance),
Slightly sharpened

scabbard / SAYA: made of plastic with fittings in brass color made of zinc and aluminum alloy
Tsuba: zinc alloy and aluminum in rectangular color in brass

Handle: wooden densely braided with a rope


Length in scabbard: about 54 cm

Scabbard length: about 37cm

Blade length: about 30.5 cm
The length of the handle: about 17 cm

Thickness of the blade at the handle: approx. 3.5 mm

The width of the blade: about 2.7 cm

Scabbard weight: approx. 0.43 kg

Blade weight: approx. 0.31 kg
Scabbard weight: 0.12 kg