Templar dagger with scabbard hkgf626

Manufacturer: armorer
Net Price: €18.76 23.08

The model is a copy based on historical patterns

Technical parameters:

Blade: stainless steel, black, gold ornaments in plant motifs and a knight on a horse

Handle: steel, plastic cladding, zinc and aluminum alloy, cross with Fleur-de-lis cross and lilies,

On the bow, an engraved ornament in the form of a coat of arms of a knightly panoply inscribed in a shield

Sheath made of plastic covered with eco leather, fittings made of zinc alloy and aluminum engraved, upper fitting richly decorated with knight motifs

Overall length in scabbard: about 48 cm
Overall length be scabbard: about 44 cm
Total blade length: about 30 cm
Overall length scabbard: about 33.5 cm
The width of the blade at the handle: about 1.9 cm
Thickness of the blade at the handle: approx. 2 mm
Scabbard weight: approx. 0.48 kg
Weight without scabbard: about 0.33 kg