U.s. m1 rifle winchester cal.30 of 1941. (1120/c)

Manufacturer: Denix
Net Price: €157.20 193.36

 U.S. M1 rifle Winchester cal.30 of 1941.




Manufacturer: Denix Spain


The presented weapon is a replica of Winchester M1 carbine .30. Designed in 1941, in service since 1942 to 1973. Used in WW II, Korean War, Vietnam War and Cambodian Civil War.


Length: 91 cm
Weight: 2,2 kg

It was a semi-automatic, lightweight and easy to use weapon. The M1 is highly accurate at short ranges. The maximum effective combat range reached 270 metres. The M1 carbine had 15-round magazine with .30 carbine ammo cartridge (7.62 x 32 mm). The muzzle velocity gained 607 m/s. This replica has the same parameters as original (length and weight). Made of wood and alloy of zinc and aluminium. It has lug for bayonet, replaceable magazine and belt.