Winchester m1 replica (1122)

Manufacturer: Denix
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WINCHESTER RIFLE-automatic M1, CAL.30 USA 1941



  • Manufacturer: Denix Spain
  • Length: 91 cm
  • Weight: 2,2 kg

The presented Winchester M1 replica is an exact reconstruction of M1 carbine .30 produced by Winchester Repeating Arms Company. The gun has become a service rifle for the U.S. Army during World War II, the Korean War and even during the Vietnam War, but has also been used by other militaries or police forces. The works on the prototype started in 1938 and after many trials and modifications, it was ready to be produced as early as 1941. Various U.S. firearm companies and designers competed in 1941 to create the requested weapon.

The Winchester M1 carbines were first introduced during World War II for the United States Military. The next big conflict they were used in was the Korean War, where some soldiers began to question the efficiency of the carbine, because of its problems in cold weathers and accuracy at longer ranges. During the Vietnam War the U.S. forces were once again equipped with this firearm, however by 1964 they started to be replaced with M16. South Vietnamese allies were supplied with at least 793,994 M1 and M2 carbines. This family of guns was one of the most heavily produced in the history of the U.S.

Winchester M1 was a semi-automatic carbine designed in the United States, used by military and police forces all over the world. According to data and speculations, over 5 million copies were produced to date. It worked best on short distances, because its effectiveness in combat did not exceed 270 metres. The firearm used 15-round magazines for .30 ammunition, however its later variants included also 30-rounds magazines. Our Winchester M1 replica is made from wood and zinc-aluminium alloys and has all the original parameters - weight and height - to look elegant in every collection.